Sessions with Jo

15 Minute Chat

15 minutes to run through where your business is heading, challenges you might be facing or just a chance to find out more about Joanne and how she could help you


VA - Is it for you?

Your chance to ask Joanne the questions you need to identify if setting up as a VA is right for you - what does a VA business look like and what things you should consider

1 Hour Game Plan Session

A focussed session to pick Joanne's brains on a specific issue, run through a proposal, look at what you want to achieve in the next few months or just brainstorm some ideas

3 Hour Get it Done Session

Described as 'throwing all the jigsaw pieces on the table and starting again' 3 hours of uninterrupted time with Joanne to get clarity, and a clear focus on your business goals

Stand Out in 2021 Mentoring Programme

Click here to find out all about our 'Stand Out in 2021' mentoring programme and how it will help to get those stalled 2020 plans underway and set you up for the year ahead